• Netoptics 10G Bypass Switch25 September - 2013


    10G Bypass Switch for Fail-safe Connectivity of In-line Network Security and Performance Appliances

    Improve the performance of Industry standard IPS appliances and other in-line devices that rely on internal bypass mechanisms. Net Optics 10 GigaBit Fiber Bypass (iBypass) Switch with Heartbeat is the industries first high-speed device for reliable in-line or IPS appliance fail-over protection. As networks evolve, the 10 GigaBit iBypass satisfies the requirements for support of 10 Gbps network and monitoring tool connections.


    Integrated iTap technology delivers SNMP reporting and management features. Available Net Optics management software, delivers a comprehensive view of all iTap-enabled devices and their operating status. IT security professionals can now remotely monitor link traffic and configuration parameters, ensuring more efficient security management. Bi-directional indicators display traffic utilization and peak traffic rates via GUI or a front panel display to help identify possible network or application anomalies before a major outage.

  • ISC8 acquires Bivio’s NetFalcon17 August - 2013


    ISC8 announced on September 4, 2012 that it had entered into an agreement to acquire certain cybersecurity related assets of Bivio Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and products. The acquisition provides ISC8 with advanced products and technologies for Security Intelligence, Incident Response, Content Control and mitigation of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in enterprise, service provider and government networks. ISC8 purchased the NetFalcon and Network Content Control System business units of Bivio Networks, including all related intellectual property, sales, engineering, managerial, and other operational resources.

    ISC8® Cyber NetFalcon®:

    The ISC8 Cyber NetFalcon system provides unmatched coverage and long-term tracking of user applications, networks and devices to strengthen cybersecurity operations for enterprises, network operators and government agencies. The system provides a highly scalable architecture that can grow to meet the long term storage needs of the largest networks. Advanced queries spanning months over terabytes of data can be displayed quickly to examine detailed forensic information once malicious activity has been detected.

  • nGeniusONE unifies APM, NPM18 June - 2013


    NetScout Transforms Performance Management: Converges APM and NPM into a Single Unified Platform
    nGeniusONE Delivers a Dual View of Application and Network Performance to Better Manage Service Availability, Quality and the User Experience

    WESTFORD, Mass. — June 18, 2013 — NetScout Systems, Inc. today announced the nGeniusONE™ Unified Performance Management platform, introducing a new approach to IT service management that helps dramatically shorten the time required to solve application and network performance problems in enterprise network environments. Leveraging packet-flow data, the platform combines simple, straightforward workflows with relevant performance and quality information in business service context, presenting predictive and actionable information to IT operations users enabling them to quickly identify and triage performance problems. nGeniusONE rises above other performance management offerings in ease of use, scalability, and broad value delivered to a wide range of IT operational teams including network, application, server, and service delivery managers.

    Service orchestration and management has become a much higher IT priority. Service availability, quality, and user experience are becoming key measurements of IT service success. Although technology and operational silos remain an obstacle to IT effectiveness, managing IT in the context of service delivery is becoming a focal point. As IT organizations continue to adopt more structured service management processes, they need comprehensive service-oriented tools to manage IT services in the context of delivery rather than in a compartmentalized view of applications and networks. Consequently, IT organizations need to view application and network performance together to achieve a service-focused perspective that aligns with how the business consumes services to deliver consistent, high-quality service levels with an exceptional user experience.

    “Delivering applications has become a critical aspect of IT operations, and a shift toward service-centricity requires that IT operations align their functions in context of how successfully applications and services are being delivered,” said Jim Frey, vice president of research, network management at Enterprise Management Associates. “NetScout has a long history and demonstrated leadership in providing deep, rich visibility to IT operations, by extracting layer 2-7 application and network intelligence in real time. The nGeniusONE platform further advances NetScout’s market differentiation by providing a truly unified approach to monitoring the delivery of applications and services across the IT infrastructure, providing a more complete and systematic perspective of service delivery to address a class of issues that neither component-focused infrastructure management, nor component-level Application Performance Management approaches can.”